If you are searching for insurance for your Muscle Car, Street Rod, Classic Car, Custom Constructed Motorcycle, Show Car, Exotic, Replicas, Race Cars, ATVs, look no further than Alternative Insurance Solutions.

We are able to offer personalized solutions for your special insurance needs.   For example, for your Muscle Car, Show Car, Street Rod, Classic, or Exotic, we are able to offer Agreed Value coverage.  In most cases with no comprehensive and collision deductible.

For that fabulous Race Car, it is covered in the trailer, in the pits and while traveling to the competition area. This coverage can be customized for the competition vehicle, liability, and some other coverages that may be needed for the race team.

In addition to being able to provide comprehensive and collision coverage for that Custom Constructed Motorcycle, liability, medical, and other customized coverages are available. Coverage is also available for the traditional style of motorcycle.

Insurance for your boat is another specialized coverage we offer.  We can provide coverage for anything from a  Runabout up to and including a small Yacht.

These coverages can be written in most states. To find out if we are the answer to your needs, give us a call or drop us an email today.  You will hear back from us within 24 hours.

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